You’ve never seen it like this in Turkey! Karagöl Plateau in Sakarya impressed

You've never seen it like this in Turkey!  Karagöl Plateau in Sakarya impressed

Karagöl Plateau, which attracts attention with its unique view and untouched nature in the Taraklı district of Sakarya, fascinates itself with its structure. With the melting of the snow waters and the filling of the pits on the plateau, the plateau, which has an insatiable view, was also viewed from the air.

Located in the Taraklı district of Sakarya and having a height of 1,100 meters, Karagöl Plateau is one of the largest plateaus of the city. The plateau, which is about 100 kilometers from the city center, is surrounded by dense forest covered by fir, beech and pine trees.
Karagöl Plateau, which is almost a natural treatment center with its oxygen-rich air and cold drinking water, in an area of ​​567 hectares, was viewed from the air.
The plateau, which is a karstic depression and covered with water in the spring, fascinates with its unique view. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality organizes routine nature walks in spring and autumn in the area, which has all the features sought for nature lovers and can be camped.
The name of the plateau is; It comes from the fact that the pits on the plateau seem like a lake when viewed from afar with the rain water filling after it rains. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce emphasized that the plateau in Taraklı district is almost a corner of paradise.
Stating that Sakarya has an important place and richness in nature tourism, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce said, “Sakarya; It is one of our country’s favorite cities with its green, blue, sea, lakes and springs. With the arrival of the summer months, the tourism season opens. Our city has a very important place and riches especially in nature tourism. We host many alternative nature tourism areas such as Sapanca Lake, Maden Creek, Kuzuluk Hot Springs, Doğançay Waterfall, Acarlar Longozu. In the summer, we organize walks and activities in our highlands. “All shades of green and blue can be witnessed in our city,” he said.
Speaking about the characteristics of Karagöl Plateau, Mayor Yüce said, “One of the important highlands, which is almost a corner of paradise, is the Karagöl Plateau in our Taraklı district. While wandering here, you will feel as if you are not in the world but in a completely different place, and you will spend time in this plateau with these feelings. Karagöl Plateau is waiting for you as a place where you can feel the harmony between nature and people in the best way and find peace. The surrounding of the plateau is covered with pine, fir, oak and beech trees. At the same time, you will have a calm and peaceful day in the Karagöl Plateau with plenty of oxygen, away from the stress of the city and with all the burden of the city. “The plateaus of Sakarya are such plateaus. Sakarya is your home, we host you here.”

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