‘Yoroz Lighthouse’, the 135-year-old guide of ships, will now serve tourism

Claiming that the most beautiful sunset in Turkey is watched from Yoroz Lighthouse, Nuhoğlu said, “This is proven where Yoroz Lighthouse is located, this is one of the places with the most beautiful sunset in Turkey. Being airy and smelling history are among its important features. Hopefully, we will modernize a new historical monument again and enable people to discover this place.

This place is now completely forgotten. It’s actually a huge investment. The lighthouse is still in service and works 24 hours a day. If we can modernize this place and make it like a restaurant, motel, boutique hotel, we will have opened another area for tourism in Trabzon. Tour companies will be able to come here, so they will recognize our keşan, fish and hazelnuts. Therefore, we will introduce our Çarşıbaşı in Turkey.”

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