World’s first transparent sky pool ‘Embassy Gardens’ is flooded with visitors

World's first transparent sky pool 'Embassy Gardens' is flooded with visitors

The world’s first transparent sky pool, Embassy Gardens, built between two buildings in London, the capital of England, was flooded by visitors with the effect of hot weather.

The world’s first transparent sky pool, built between the 10th floors of the Embassy Gardens blocks in the Nine Elms district in the south of London, the capital of England, became operational on May 19.
The pool, which is approximately 35 meters above the ground, has a length of 25 meters, a width of 5 meters, a depth of 3 meters and a water capacity of 400 tons.
The pool, which takes courage to swim in, was captured by photographer Jason Hawkes from the air with a drone.
The pool, which is only available to Embassy Gardens residents and guests, overlooks the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and the River Thames.
The bottom of the pool was constructed using a special technology that allows it to move in high winds while being completely transparent despite being about 12 inches thick.
At the Embassy Gardens, located next to the US Embassy building, penthouse suites are on sale for £5 million (approximately 61 million Turkish lira).

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