World’s biggest Turkish-Islamic cemetery ‘Ahlat Seljuk Square Cemetery’ opens abroad

District Governorship, Museum Directorate, Van YYÜ, Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism and ASS. Aktekin explained that the non-governmental organization named Smart is among the partners of the project prepared by the Association for the Preservation of Nature and Cultural Heritage.

“The team from Italy will participate in the restoration work under the coordination of the excavation presidency. Our aim is to see the different restoration techniques in Italy by the teams in Ahlat and the techniques applied by our team by the Italian team and to create new techniques for restoration. In addition to introducing our Seljuk Square Cemetery abroad. We aim to restore our stones and make them more qualified. The team that will come from Italy and participate in the works will inform our team about restoration techniques and will see the techniques here. The two teams will work on developing new restoration techniques.

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