What is the Chinese New Year? When is the Chinese New Year celebrated?

Although the restrictions on public transportation services suspended in some cities before the Spring Festival, which coincides with February 12-February 26 this year, are lifted, the number of travels is expected to decrease due to the epidemic.

Government officials call on the public not to travel on the holiday, where public transportation vehicles such as planes, high-speed trains and buses are used extensively, with the concern of increasing the risk of the epidemic.

During the New Year celebrations, temple visits will also be made under strict epidemic measures, with a limited number of attendance. Accordingly, temples, which are allowed to remain open between 06.00 and 14.00 in the morning, will not be allowed to have more than 30 visitors in a single session.

The costumed lion dance, Chingay show, and other stage performances of the Chinese New Year rituals will also not be held this year.

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