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Astral travel is the departure of the soul from its body while it is alive and going to another place. Astral travel was born out of the weakness of people for mystical elements, which stems from the wrong definition of dreams. It is actually a misinterpretation of the Lucid Dreaming experience.

Sleep-wakefulness is the state of sleep before full awakening and also before falling asleep, the distinguishing feature is that the neo-cortex layers in the brain are inactive, that is, the information from the sensory organs is not received and the brain emits alpha waves. It is also known as rabbit sleep among the people.

This half-sleep state, called sleep-wakefulness, occurs naturally, as well as meditation and yoga-like methods. In the state of sleep and wakefulness, it may be that the eyeballs move while the eyelids are closed, which indicates that you are dreaming.

Sometimes, in dreams where paranormal perceptions occur, there is a mental perception of images and sounds, not sensory (through five senses). Sleep-wakefulness is also defined as the state in which the subconscious door is opened.

Astral travel has a long history. The Lucid dream is known as the first phase of astral travel. Those who want to understand astral travel better should learn the concept of lucid dream fully.


Releasing the body and being comfortable is the first and most important condition of making astral travel. In addition, you should only focus on astral travel and focus on achieving it. If the environment you are in is noisy and uncomfortable and you cannot focus enough, astral travel becomes difficult to take place.

At the same time, the fear, anxiety and panic you feel will affect your focus negatively and will greatly reduce your chances of taking an astral journey.

After creating a quiet and comfortable environment, you should close your eyes and concentrate on the dark. Imagine that a force is pulling you up, and after a while you start doing this, your heart rate will speed up and your ears will start to ring. You have to take it calmly and stay focused, otherwise astral travel will not occur.

In addition to all these, you can find hypnotic audio and videos on the internet that are claimed to help make astral travel.

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