“We expect tourist activity not only in summer but also in winter”

Sururi Çorabatır, President of the Turkish Hoteliers Federation, stated that tourists from Eastern European countries as well as Russia started to come and said, “We host guests from countries such as Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechia and Bulgaria.”

Çorabatır said that the sector was revived with the arrival of Russian tourists.
Çorabatır stated that around 3 million Russian tourists came to Turkey during the epidemic last year, and that about half of them preferred Antalya, and noted that they wanted to host more Russian tourists this year than last year.

Expressing that they expect activity in every region from Istanbul to the Aegean, from the Black Sea to the Eastern Anatolia Region, Çorabatır said, “There is movement not only from Russia, but also from Eastern European countries. We host guests from countries such as Germany, Poland, Romania, Czechia and Bulgaria. ” said.

Expressing that people are longing for travel and vacation due to the new type of corona virus (Covid-19), Çorabatır said, “There is a hunger for travel all over the world. With the decrease in cases and the increase in vaccination, the travel industry has started to revive. We think we will have a better season than last year. “Of course, we need to be complacent and not abandon the measures,” he said.


Çorabatır stated that there was a significant revival in the domestic market as well as foreign guests.

Noting that the density is in the coastal regions, but tourism activity is felt in every region of the country, Çorabatır said, “There is a serious reservation for Eid al-Adha in the domestic market. We predict that we will have a good season. Our industry, which has had a bad period, is now hopeful. Our industry is healthy and safe. ready to welcome our domestic and foreign guests,” he said.


Çorabatır stated that due to the late start of the season, the reservations have shifted to later dates, and that the season will be extended in this direction.

Explaining that they expect more guests from Germany in September and October and that they anticipate the tourist flow from Russia to continue in the winter season, Çorabatır said:

“We expect tourist activity not only in summer but also in winter. According to the potential, the season is predicted to extend from November to December. The continuation of tourism in winter will make a serious contribution to the Turkish economy. Because tourism is directly related to about 60 sectors today. But the important thing here is that the number of cases is below 5 thousand “If this happens, economic vitality will be ensured in all areas.”

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