Visitors of Bayburt’s award-winning Kenan Yavuz Ethnography Museum will be hosted in the Seljuk architecture inn.

Underlining that the inn was not built with commercial concerns, Yavuz noted that they wanted to host cultural ambassadors here.

Yavuz stated that the work in the inn has been completed and said, “We opened our inn to our advisory board members last night. After identifying our deficiencies and making improvements, we will host our guests who come for accommodation as of July 10, and we will meet the demands received in our restaurant and garden.”

Stating that the inn has an authentic structure, Yavuz concluded his words by saying, “We used our own culture inside as well. In other words, the structure of stone windows, wooden ceilings, ottomans… A structure that will meet the needs of the guests at the highest level, high service quality, but essentially our own culture.”

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