Visitors flock to ‘crying brides’ in Hakkari

Visitors flock to 'crying brides' in Hakkari

Inverted tulips, popularly known as “the crying bride” and “the flower of sorrow”, adorn the high altitude mountains of Hakkari. The protected inverted tulips that bloom with the warming of the weather attract great attention from the visitors.

The reverse tulips blooming in the spring with melting snow in Hakkari’s Semdinli district fascinate those who see it.
With the blooming of inverted tulips, which grow naturally in the city and described as “crying bride” and “flower of sorrow”, Gomane Mountain at 2071 altitude and the high parts of the village of Alan turned red.
The inverted tulips, which create postcard images, attract the attention of nature lovers and photographers with their colorful images.
The inverted tulips, which bloom 15 days a year and are endangered, attract great attention from tourists as well as local people during their blooming period and have an important place in the promotion of the region.
In the meantime, in a written statement made by the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, it was stated that collecting reverse tulip, which is one of the endangered, endangered or rare bulbous plant species, is prohibited from removing, carrying and selling its bulbs. According to the clause k of the 20th article of the Environment Law numbered 2872, it was stated that the person who plucked one tulip would be fined 80 thousand 465 TL.

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