Visiting Galata Tower is 100 liras for foreigners, 60 liras for domestic tourists with ‘Museum Card’

Stating that every Turkish citizen has the opportunity to visit all museums affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism with a Museum Card, more than once for 1 year, Yılmaz said, “My question is; Is this price comparable to any country or to previous prices? The application of our Ministry is not only this, the second card is an application for young people. University students will get the ‘Museum Card Academy’, the price of which is only 30 TL. A university student friend of mine who paid 30 liras and got this card will be able to visit Galata Tower more than once.”

Stating that citizens aged 18 and under, and citizens aged 65 and over can visit the museums free of charge, Yılmaz continued his words as follows:

“In addition, our teachers affiliated to the Ministry of National Education can visit these museums free of charge. The basic policy of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism regarding museum visits of Turkish citizens in Turkey is as economical as possible, as many people as possible, in as many museums as possible, “To spend as much time as possible. To enable him to meet with culture, art, civilization, history and the past of these lands. Only Turkish citizens can receive these cards.”

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