Visa-free countries current list 2021 – Countries that do not require a visa from Turkish citizens

90 days visa-free.

You can log in with a new type of chip ID card without the need for a passport.


On December 10, 2020 between Azerbaijan and Turkey signed the protocol identity and travel in Baku today (April 1, 2021), as entered into force.

Turkey’s Embassy in Baku, identity between Turkey and Azerbaijan travels to announce relevant details.

the scope of identity travel app, Azerbaijani citizens to their arrival in Turkey, while Turkish citizens in departing from Turkey, bilingual “Entry-Exit Form” on the announcement reportedly given by administration of entry-exit stamps, this document of nationals from both countries in Turkey and Azerbaijan It was underlined that they should carry them with them during their stay in Turkey and present them to the officials at the border gates along with their identity cards during their entry and exit.

The ability to use the travel document of a new type of chip identity cards mentioned in the announcement that it is possible only in direct trips between Turkey and Azerbaijan, Turkey or from third countries was expressed that the mandatory use of passports arrival in Azerbaijan.

In the announcement, it was noted that if Turkish citizens traveling with a new type of chip ID card lose their identity cards in Azerbaijan, it is beneficial for them to have another identity document with a photo and TR ID number so that they can apply for a temporary passport to ensure their return to the country.


Within the scope of the restriction decisions taken due to the Corona virus epidemic, Turkish citizens who want to enter Azerbaijan with an ID card must have a residence and work permit.

Residence permit with a new type of chip ID cards are reminded that announcement can not be made the application for a residence permit by 90 days or in Azerbaijan, Turkey stay of citizens who want to reside for more than the required 60 days more validity with passports which required an application specified.

In the announcement, it was noted that all foreign nationals who enter Azerbaijan are required to make an address declaration to the Azerbaijan State Immigration Administration ( if they intend to stay in the country for more than 15 days It was noted that it is important for Turkish citizens who envision to stay to fulfill the address declaration requirement in a timely manner so that they do not face criminal action when leaving the country.

In the announcement, it was reminded that the special quarantine regime in Azerbaijan was extended until June 1, 2021 within the scope of the measures to combat Covid-19, and as long as the special quarantine regime is in effect, only Azerbaijani citizens with a residence permit or close relative (parent, wife, child) It was stated that foreign nationals who are in Turkey are allowed to enter Azerbaijan. It was reminded that foreign citizens who are not included in this scope must obtain an entry permit from the Azerbaijan Council of Ministers before coming to Azerbaijan.

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