“Vaccine certificate” negotiations are held between the EU and the USA

Christian Wigand, a spokesperson for the EU Commission, said that systems such as healthcare and transport with third countries that may be compatible with those of the EU. vaccination certificatesHe said that they are eager for mutual recognition

In this context, Wigand stated that some countries have contacted the EU about vaccine certificates and said, “Our negotiations with the USA are continuing, especially on compatibility.”

Wigand stated that the technical work between the US officials and the EU Commission is continuing, and that a telephone conversation will be held between the EU Commission member Didier Reynders and the US Homeland Security Secretary.

Christian Wigand stated that they have not had a meeting with any country other than the USA yet.


The EU started to establish a vaccine certification system called “Digital Green Certificate” at the request of countries such as Greece, Spain and Portugal in order to evaluate the tourism season this summer.

The certificate, which will be valid for travels within the borders of the EU, is planned to be ready by summer. In the certificate, if the new type of corona virus Covid-19 vaccine has been obtained, there will be a document that can prove this with the relevant information, PCR or antigen test result.

In the certificate, vaccines approved in the EU will be accepted, but EU countries will decide for themselves whether to accept other vaccines.

In the future, vaccines approved in the EU will need to be used for the recognition of another country’s vaccine certificate. However, EU countries will be able to decide themselves which vaccines will be recognized.


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