Uzungöl, covered with white cover, kept ice

Uzungöl, which was covered with white cover, kept ice

The surface of Uzungöl, in the famous tourism center of the Black Sea in Trabzon’s Çaykara district, was covered with ice due to the cold weather. Postcard images were formed in the region, which turned white with the snow.

Snow coming to the Black Sea Region with cold weather continues to be effective in the higher parts of Trabzon.
Uzungöl, which is a natural wonder of the Eastern Black Sea Region with its natural beauty, located 20 kilometers from Çaykara district, at an altitude of 1250 meters from the sea, has a distinct beauty with the falling snow.
In Uzungöl, which had its calmest days during the epidemic period, it was seen that the surface of the lake was frozen in places with the effect of cold weather.
Hotel and cafe operators in the region shared the ice-capping lake and its surroundings, which they photographed with their mobile phone cameras, on their social media accounts.

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