Uzundere, ‘Turkey’s 11th quiet city’, with its natural beauties, makes those who are overwhelmed by the epidemic breathe.

Uzundere, 'Turkey's 11th quiet city', with its natural beauties, makes those who are overwhelmed by the epidemic breathe.

Uzundere, a natural wonder district located on the Eastern Anatolia and Eastern Black Sea border of Erzurum, selected as the “11th quiet city of Turkey” by the International Union of Peaceful Cities, offers its visitors corona virus (Covid-19) with its natural beauties such as the renewed Tortum Waterfall and Yedigoller. It almost makes you breathe in the process of the epidemic.

With the project realized in cooperation with Erzurum Metropolitan Municipality, Uzundere Municipality, Agricultural and Rural Development Support Institution under the coordination of Erzurum Governorate, significant tourism investments were made last year around Tortum Waterfall in Uzundere district, which is the 11th tranquil city of Turkey. TURKEY’S CALM CITIES
Walking paths, afforestation, viewing terraces where the disabled can easily see the waterfall, recreation and promenade areas, restaurants and the waterfall, which is built in the parking lot, have become another beauty with the lighting system installed especially for night trips. Tortum Waterfall, which has been nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List, welcomes visitors day and night with its renewed face once the restrictions are partially lifted this year.
Yedigöller in the region attracts attention with its natural beauty, with the waterfall that gives peace to those who want to get away from the crowd and city life and stay alone with nature during the Covid-19 process.
Yedigöller, surrounded by lush trees, various flower and plant species and surrounded by bungalow houses, attracts visitors. Drawing attention with its calm structure, Uzundere hosts those who want to get away from the crowd and stay alone with nature, both with Tortum Waterfall and Yedigöller.
Mustafa Özdemir, one of the visitors, said that the surroundings of the Tortum Waterfall, where he had come before, were in a bad condition during the period in question. Stating that Erzurum Governor Okay Memiş was closely interested in the restoration of the waterfall, Özdemir said, “Erzurum is a beautiful place. Cağ Kebab and Tortum Waterfall are very beautiful, Tortum Waterfall is definitely not a place everyone should come by, it is a place to come and see.”
Özdemir said, “We are coming after about two years due to the pandemic. We did not see this change. There is a lot of difference between that period and this period. The pandemic put us in for 1.5 years. Now we feel uneasy when we enter people. Now we feel that we need to open up slowly. “I hope we will overcome this disease as soon as possible by paying attention to the rules, and we will meet with nature again and enjoy these beautiful landscapes together.”
Samet Güven, one of the visitors, stated that he came from Bursa and Tortum Waterfall is a beautiful place and said: “I am originally from Erzincan and this is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Eastern Anatolia. We have it there, but it is really beautiful. Bursa ‘ I have been working in a manufacturing company and we have been going from work to home from home for the last 2 years. We could not go on vacation. We said we should have a few days getaway with the restrictions lifted. We are absolutely very happy, especially the openness of such natural areas and contact is very good for our health.

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