Urla Travel Guide: Tuscany in Turkey

– The most important work of Necati Cumalı, ‘Susuz Yaz’ was both written in Urla and filmed in Urla. If you watch this timeless classic of Turkish Cinema, you will catch unique views of old Urla.

Olive has a very important place in its history and today. Turkey’s top quality and delicious olive oil is obtained from this region.

– Again, vineyards and wine production in Urla, one of the most exclusive areas located in Turkey. I can already say that you will come across many wine houses and wine brands in Urla.

– “Urla’s past will be his future!” There are six boutique wine houses on the Urla Vineyard Route, which set out with the slogan. These are URLA, MMG, Mozaik, Urlice, USCA and Limantepe.

– Many villages of Urla have become popular visitation centers today. If you come to Urla, do not leave this special area without seeing these villages. What are they? Barbaros Village with its calm village life, Balıklıova, an old Greek village, Özbek village, a cute fishing town, Bademler Village famous for having the first village theater and Gülbahçe, which has hosted Byzantine baths.

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