Ukrainian tourists’ interest in Cappadocia continues

Stating that it is seen that Cappadocia will start to host more crowded convoys after September, Büyükbaş said:

“Cappadocia has moved to a very important place in Ukraine. Almost everyone wants to come here. In such a period, we were very hopeful to realize this project. Most of the tourists who are currently visiting the region are Ukrainians. We were planning to complete this process as of May 16. We have postponed to June 20. We will have reached 6 thousand Ukrainian tourists in the first period by bringing 1500 more passengers in this period. The coast will be more active in the summer period, after a break, we will restart Ukraine-Cappadocia flights on 20 August. It is a very important value with its nature and history. Besides, the balloon tour and other activities offer a different visual. The reason why Ukrainians are Orthodox and their interest in churches are the reasons why they prefer Cappadocia.

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