Two seasons are lived together in Bolu, the ‘heart of nature’

While the high parts of Kartalkaya at the top of the Köroğlu Mountains in Bolu were covered with snow, natural parks, national parks and plateaus bloomed the harbingers of spring.

Within Pond and Abant Nature Parks, Yedigoller National Park and the summit of the Köroğlu Mountains. Kartalkaya Ski Resort Spring has begun to show its face in Bolu, which is described as the “heart of nature”.

With the weather warming, natural and national parks as well as flowers blooming in Aladağ and Sarıalan plateaus created postcard landscapes.

The snow at the summit of Kartalkaya Ski Center, where the snow thickness is over 2 meters, has not melted yet.

While spring was happening in the plateaus, the winter landscapes in Kartalkaya attracted the attention of those who saw it.


Snow started to melt in Aladağ Plateau, which is about 20 kilometers away from the city center, and Sarıalan Plateau, located at the foot of the Köroğlu Mountains.

The flow rate of the stream beds increased due to the melting snow and the occasional downpour in the region.

The meanders formed by the streams causing floods added a different color to the nature of the region.

Flower gardens and meanders formed in the plateaus were viewed from the air with a drone.

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