‘Turkey’s white paradise’ came time to Pamukkale entrance fee (2021 Pamukkale entrance fees)

'Turkey's white paradise' came time to Pamukkale entrance fee (2021 Pamukkale entrance fees)

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has increased the entrance fee of museums and archaeological sites by 20% to 35% in 2021. So what happened to the white paradise Turkey Pamukkale entrance fee how much? Here are Pamukkale entrance fees for 2021 …

The entrance fees to Pamukkale Travertines and archaeological sites, which are on the UNESCO Temporary World Heritage List, known as Denizli’s ‘White Paradise’, increased from 80 TL to 110 TL. The 2021 tariff caused a great surprise and reaction among the citizens.
Denizli Touristic Hoteliers and Businesses Association (DENTUROD) President Gazi Murat Şen, who made statements about the price increase, said that the price increase did not affect local tourists. He said that with the Museum Card, which local guests can get 60 TL, they can visit museums and historical sites throughout the country without limit.
Stating that museum sites are free of charge for citizens aged 65 and over and under 18, DENTUROD President Şen said, “The entrance fee to Pamukkale ruins has increased from 80 TL to 110 TL. Our guests including Native museums in Turkey for a year of unlimited Card Museum receives $ 60 and the money could have free access to many of the historical sites. Our museum places are free of charge for those over 65 and under 18. Students over the age of 18 can obtain a 50 percent discounted Museum Card. The Museum Card has such an advantage; They will be able to benefit from businesses within museums and archaeological sites with a discount of nearly 50 percent on food and beverages. He said, “You can enter the pool at Pamukkale ruins with 50% discount”.
Emphasizing that the price increase is for tourists, DENTUROD President Şen said, “The Ministry of Culture and Tourism has passed the Museum Card application in order to increase the interest of our citizens in recent years. You can enter only one half of the entry fee to enter the museum will be able to Pamukkale in Turkey. We invite all our citizens to obtain a Museum Card and visit the most beautiful historical beauties of our country. It will not affect the entry numbers. We see that the Pamukkale Hierapolis archaeological site fee of 110 TL has reached the level of 13 Euros in Euro. You cannot enter such places in Europe under 50 Euros ”.

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