Turkey’s tourism paradise in the eyes of the British BBC writer Bozcaada

Turkey's tourism paradise in the eyes of the British BBC writer Bozcaada

British BBC Travel writer Amelia Thomas, Bozcaada, Turkey’s tourism paradise in recent years toured and shared their observations. Here is Bozcaada from the eyes of an Englishman …

It is believed that the famous Greek historian Herodotus said these words about Bozcaada: “God, Bozcaada people get long life he has created” north Aegean island of Bozcaada in open Canakkale, is a small island even more unknown in Turkey.
When we missed the flight back from Istanbul to England due to the traffic on the Bosphorus Bridge and could only arrange the flight one week later, we decided to spend our time in Bozcaada upon the recommendation of the hotel staff. Fortunately we did so, otherwise we wouldn’t even be aware of this beautiful island.
who went to Turkey as a tourist usually bustling Grand Bazaar in Istanbul, the Mediterranean coast, it goes to the ancient ruins at Ephesus and Cappadocia cave hotel.
40 square km area of ​​Bozcaada with a few thousand inhabitants, while Tenedos formerly could easily go from Istanbul, although a magnificent island, not even a place known for the many people living in Turkey.
Located in the north of the Aegean Sea, this island is a rare opportunity for those who want to get away from modern life for a while with its quiet, secluded beaches, cobblestone pavements, houses painted in white and people playing backgammon around the corner. Donkeys wandering through fields full of lavender flowers, fishermen sailing to the sea with their boats, old women sipping their coffee on sun-drenched door sills are the signs of a luxuriously slow life here.
When our ferry departing from Geyikli Yükyeri pier reached the island, we were unaware of the beauties waiting for us. As we approached the island at a close to sunset, we admired the buildings covered with ivy, the colorful flowers in front of the windows, the pastel-colored fishing boats and the castle in the middle of the island.
While settling in the pension where we would pass through narrow streets, all of which are beautiful, we planned to stay there for a night or two, and then return to Istanbul and wait there until our flight.
But before we even unpacked our suitcases, we felt that we were under the magic of the small island. During our stay, we explored the southern coasts of the island, Habbele, Ayazma and Ayana beaches and left ourselves to the waves of the Aegean.
We visited the ruins of the Byzantine castle. We ate often. But most of all, we let the pace of our lives slow down. Regardless of our watches and emails, we adapted to the island life, where life has flowed unchanged for centuries.
By the morning of the third day, we had already decided to spend the whole week here. We rented one of the houses in the back streets. He had polished antique furniture, yellowed photographs, an old television. I went to the local grocer and bought tomatoes, sheep’s cheese, olives, fresh rosemary bread and a bottle of wine.
We sat on the stone steps in front of the door that seemed polished by sitting on it for centuries and watched the passers-by, ate our meal and sipped our wine. In the evening, when we entered a coffeehouse to drink our sparkling Turkish coffee, we were greeted with the same familiar smile. By the end of the sixth day, it was as if we had lived here our entire life, or at least we wish we could arrange that, although it was possible.
We loved this hidden piece of paradise that we discovered thanks to that traffic on the Bosphorus Bridge.
Kaynak: Amelia Thomas / BBC Travel

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