Turkey’s first European Cultural Route has been announced

Prepared by Balikesir’s Edremit Municipality, starting from Turkey and covering 5 countries in Europe Aeneas Cultural RouteIn the General Assembly of the Council of Europe, unanimously, 35 countries Registered cultural route of the Council of Europe was declared as.

Aeneas Route International Association was established within the scope of the works carried out by Edremit Municipality for 3 years on the Aeneas Cultural Route. Edremit Municipality Human Resources and Education Directorate shaped Aeneas’s mythological story and legendary journey according to the principles and values ​​of the Council of Europe on peace, intercultural dialogue and international brotherhood.

The application of the project with 272 pages prepared by the Edremit Municipality Human Resources and Education Directorate was made by the Aeneas Cultural Route Association, of which Edremit Municipality is a founding member. The Extended Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe gathered in Strasbourg, France on 29 April 2021 – Immediately after the final presentation of the Edremit Municipality to the General Assembly of the EPA, the Aeneas Cultural Route project was declared as the registered cultural route of the Council of Europe. . In the Council of Europe Cultural Routes 2021/2022 evaluation period, the Aeneas Cultural Route was selected as the first and most successful project among only 5 cultural routes that were registered by the commission among 17 projects from different countries of Europe.

Greece, which is involved in the project in the application file prepared in accordance with the international agreements and conditions of the Council of Europe, was entitled to the registration of the Council of Europe as a result of the fruitful cooperation with the municipal and local institutions of Tunisia, Albania and Italy.

Among the 40 registered Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, the first cultural route from Turkey was introduced by Edremit Municipality. Edremit Mayor Selman Hasan Arslan, in his statement on the subject; He said, “We would like to share with you, Edremit, the first registered Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, which started in Turkey, and what we have brought to our country.”

President Arslan said, “Aeneas Culture Route is awarded the title of European Council Culture Route, and Edremit and its other points on the route become one of the most preferred cultural and most prestigious touristic destinations by thousands of foreign tourists annually, the special funds and financing allocated to the European Union’s Cultural Routes program means to benefit from the possibilities from now on. The Aeneas Cultural Route is the registered cultural route of the Council of Europe, designing more rich and impressive activities within the scope of sustainable cultural, landscape / nature and archaeological tourism for our country and Edremit, and will provide the international visibility of our people and our region. In addition, Edremit and Çanakkale region will be considered as priority areas in the implementation of sustainable tourism, cultural heritage protection and value enhancement, new development and development policies related to economic strategies by the Ministry of Culture and the Council of Europe.

“The Turkish Minister of Culture, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, who has joined us on this long road that we have always walked by using our will and believing in our own strengths and believes in our vision, Mr. Onur Gözet, General Manager of Promotion and Deputy Manager, and his colleagues, especially the Turkish Tourism and Promotion Agency Balıkesir Governorship, Balıkesir Provincial Directorate of Culture, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality, Çanakkale Municipality, South Marmara Development Agency, Troy Archaeological Museum, Balıkesir University, 18 March Çanakkale University, which are the official stakeholders of our project, and Çanakkale Regional Tourist Guides Chamber (ÇARO) and we would like to express our endless thanks to our citizens of Edremit, who are the only reason for our efforts ”.

President Arslan stated that the main journey on the cultural route will start from now on and said, “Our main journey starts now in Aeneas Culture Route; Like the hero of Aeneas, who founded the European civilization by escaping from Troy and carrying his young son and his old father on his back, we will walk together towards the horizons of peace, brotherhood and new development, holding our history on our back and our future ”.

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