Turkey’s 80 million-year-old lava columns await tourists

Turkey's 80 million-year-old lava columns await tourists

The 80-million-year-old Güzelcehisar Lava Columns, located in Northern Ireland, Scotland and California in the world and Bartın in Turkey, amaze with their scenery. Güzelcehisar Village Headman, Necmi Uyan, said that they are waiting for tourists to see the lava columns.

Basalt lava columns, which were formed by the cooling of lava flowing from volcanoes 80 million years ago, located in Güzelcehisar village, 17 kilometers away from Bartın city center, attract attention.
Declared as natural monuments by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2011, lava columns are found only in Northern Ireland, Scotland and California, as well as Bartın.
While other lava columns are known to be horizontal, those on the Güzelcehisar beach stretch both horizontally and vertically. The lava columns, where the green forest cover meets the sea, show pentagonal and hexagonal formations.
The lava columns reach 50 to 100 centimeters in width and up to 100 meters in length.
Within the scope of the “Güzelcehisar Lava Columns and Beach for Tourism and Recreation-Purpose Landscape Application Project”, which was initiated 4 years ago, 800 meters long wooden walkways, viewing terraces and piers were built to enable visitors to visit lava columns more easily.
About 500 thousand people visited the lava columns in 4 years.
Güzelcehisar Village Headman Necmi Uyan said, “After the recreation project started 4 years ago, the 80 million lava columns in our village started to attract great interest from local and foreign tourists. We have hosted many people in our village since then. Currently there are restrictions, so no one comes. We anticipate that many tourists will come to see our lava columns as we move into the new normalization. We expect everyone to see these natural wonder lava columns. We are ready to welcome everyone here, ”he said.

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