Tunceli’s hidden paradise: Gemici Valley

Tunceli's hidden paradise: Gemici Valley

Gemici Valley, located on the Kırklar Mountain with an altitude of three thousand altitudes, offers unique views with its historical sites that came to light with the fall of the dam lake and its untouched lush nature.

Gemici Valley, located between Kırklar Mountain in Çemişgezek district of Tunceli, dazzles with its historical, cultural and natural assets in spring. In Tunceli, which resembles a hidden paradise between the Munzur, Hel, Yılan and Sülbüs mountains, with the arrival of spring, the city center and districts began to take on a different beauty.
Gemici Valley in Çemişgezek district with a thousand altitude offers unique views with the tones of green in the city where nature comes alive with melting snow and colorful flowers bloom. The valley, located between Kırklar Mountain, around Alçılı village, which is about 15 kilometers away from the district center, stands out with its rich flora and wildlife.
In addition to the protected lynx, brown bear and wild goat, the valley provides a habitat for hundreds of bird species, almond, mulberry, oak and juniper trees growing in the steep mountains add a distinct beauty to the nature.
The reflection of mountains and forest areas into the water during sunset creates postcard images in the valley, where the historical Miyadin Church and old settlements have also come to light with the withdrawal of the waters of the Keban Dam Lake. Standing out with its virgin nature, the valley is on the favorite travel route of nature enthusiasts and photographers from the surrounding provinces and districts at all times of the year.
Photographer Malik Kaya said that Tunceli resembles a hidden paradise with its natural beauty. Stating that the city is ideal for nature walks, camping and photo shoots, Kaya explained that with the photographs he took, he introduced the geography throughout the country and the world.
Kaya stated that Çemişgezek district attracts attention with its historical and natural beauties and said: “We aim to introduce the natural beauty and beautiful face of our geography to the world. We want the historical places and artifacts to be protected and restored in the city. Not only the Church of Miyadin, it is really worth seeing in our geography and We have historical places that must be restored. We want these beauties to be opened to tourism.
Stating that Gemici Valley can be reached after a difficult journey, Kaya said, “Of course, we see the natural beauties that come into our frame outside the church here. We have really got very wonderful images. When you look at the valley from a distance and high, we encountered images that do not look like the Aegean and the Mediterranean,” Kaya said. .
Fatih Karatepe, one of the residents of Alçılı village, also stated that Gemici Valley is lush with the arrival of spring. Stating that the valley stands out with its natural assets as well as its historical beauties, Karatepe said, “Since this is an old village settlement, there are all kinds of trees. Sometimes I go up to a high point of the valley to listen to my head and watch the blueness of the Keban Dam Lake or the landscape created by nature and this situation makes me very comfortable “he said.
Karatepe stated that the valley has become the center of attention of nature and photography enthusiasts at all times of the year. Explaining that the valley is home to dozens of untouched natural beauties, Karatepe said, “In its time, this place was actually forgotten due to the Keban Dam Lake. But now, when the water receded, the churches and old settlements here came to light and are still standing. “They can see domes, columns and stone craftsmanship,” he said.

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