Treasure hunters destroy the thousands of years old murals in the Goveliç Cave

Engin Zaman, who conducts research on cave tourism, said that the region stands out with its natural beauty.

Stating that the area waiting to be discovered by nature lovers has been plundered by treasure hunters for years, Zaman said, “This is a waterfall on the volcanic area. Especially the waterfall on the volcanic columns, I have never seen a place like this anywhere else. It is very enjoyable for nature lovers. It is very beautiful in terms of scenery. You can see the sea immediately. Here is a place with a great location. Unfortunately it was plundered by the treasure hunters. This was really our value. This region is an important value for us. Unfortunately, the treasure hunters do not allow this. They are pillaging nature for their own ambitions. “It is evident from the bastion and the traces of dynamite that the part was unfortunately plundered by the treasure hunters. It is obvious that he worked here. There are very beautiful murals here. Very few parts of it are left here,” he said.


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