Traveling around the world with his caravan to keep the folk songs alive

Hüseyin Kök, his caravan, and Rumeysa Şen, a student of the Ege University Turkish Folk Music Conservatory in Manavgat, where he has taught binding since he was 10, and Ali Çakır, the master teacher of folk dances and Muallim Mustafa Sırrı Özkan Museum Manager of the Gölhisar district of Burdur. came. In the ground scene he set up in Demre Beach Park, Hüseyin Kök, who sang songs in front of the background he created with Yoruk rugs and kepenek, played Kerimoğlu Zeybeği, Ilimonum Watered, Yayla Yolları and Acıpayam Al Yazma Zeybeği plays. His students Rumeysa Şahin and Ali Çakır played with folk songs.

Demre Yörük Association President Mustafa Siviş also joined them and played the Yayla Yolları folk dance. While his student Rumeysa Şahin performed folk songs such as Avşar Beyleri, Yeşillendi Acıpayam Roads Again, Go Clouds, Go, Hüseyin Kök accompanied him with his kaval.

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