Travel ticket sites locked out of the crowd

Following the “complete closure” decision announced by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, citizens wishing to travel intercity before the restrictions began, caused an increase in online travel ticket sites.

According to the statement made by bus and flight ticket sales platform, after the full closing announcement, citizens flocked to travel ticket websites to make their journeys before the restrictions began on Thursday evening. It was stated that in the first seconds of the announcement of the travel restriction decision, there were 4 times more visitors than normal on the website, and this rate increased to 7 times in the 5th minute following the announcement.

Speaking in the statement, Strategy and Institutional Development Director Sertaç Keleş stated that many travel ticket websites were out of service due to the busy schedule. Keleş said, “Thanks to our high capacity, we continue to provide uninterrupted service to passengers both through our website and our mobile application. There is already a great density in ticket sales, especially for Wednesday evening. The number of calls coming to our call center is twice the level of the busiest days before the pandemic “We, as a team, are trying to quickly increase our capacity in the night shift and respond to calls in a short time.”

In addition to the travel permits, screen shots of their tickets, SMS messages or approved e-mails to their residences before, during and after the trip, as well as the travel permits, in order that citizens who are eligible to obtain a travel permit in the period after April 29 will not be penalized due to the curfews on their way to and from the terminals. He stated that they should definitely have it with them when they go.

Stating that the Travel Permit Certificate can be obtained through Alo 199 and e-Government in compulsory situations in travel restriction, Keleş said:

“Our citizens who have obtained a special permit to travel during the restriction period will be able to travel on airplanes, buses and private vehicles. To be automatically informed about last minute flight changes and cancellations, to be able to submit electronic ticket records and to minimize physical contact in order not to be penalized for round trips to terminals. We recommend that they buy their tickets online to download them. ”

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