Train travel in China due to the New Year holiday decreased by 68.8 percent

According to the traditional 12-animal calendar in China, the people who left the “Year of the Rat” and entered the “Year of the Ox (Niu)” yesterday celebrate the Spring Festival, which started with the arrival of the new year, by following the calls to stay at home.

In the statement made by the Chinese State Railways, it was stated that 52.3 million people traveled between January 28 and February 11, while train travels decreased 68.8 percent compared to the same period last year.

On the other hand, deliveries on the eve of the Chinese New Year and the next day increased by 223 percent year-on-year and more than 130 million packages were distributed.

In China, where the lunar calendar and 12-animal calendar are used as well as the Gregorian calendar, each new year entered according to the lunar calendar is named according to the traditional 12-animal calendar, while the Chinese New Year, Spring Festival and traditional holidays that coincide with the same day are determined according to the lunar calendar. Therefore, each Chinese New Year falls on different dates.

The public holiday in the country will continue until February 18. Due to the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival, which are seen as an opportunity to come together with family and friends for Chinese culture, a holiday of up to 40 days is made with the leaves before and after the public holiday. This year’s Spring Festival holiday started on January 28th and will last until March 8.


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