Tourists coming to Şanlıurfa have fun at sira nights – Last Minute Şanlıurfa News | NTV News

Businesses that have been closed for a long time due to the pandemic have begun to return to the old days with normalization. Sanliurfa held in historical guesthouses and some hotels, one of the indispensables of music culture. row nights It also attracts a lot of attention from tourists.

Tourists, who visit the historical places of the city during the day, attend the sira night programs that are identified with the city at night, dance halay accompanied by local music, eat kebab, raw meatballs and desserts.

Sound artist İbrahim Halil Bulut, who took the stage in the guesthouses after a long break, said that they are happy to return to the old days with the row nights.

Explaining that the tourists who come to the city have fun at sira nights after visiting the historical places, Bulut said, “Tourists, when they come to our city, listen to folk songs and want to eat raw meatballs and dessert. Most of the tourists who attend the sira night spend the night in Şanlıurfa. “We are as happy as the tourists are that Sira nights are starting again,” he said.

Kübra Çiçek, who participated in the sira night after touring the city, said, “Nights are another beautiful thing in Şanlıurfa. The performance of Sira Night teams impressed us a lot. After walking around the impressive historical places of the city during the day, we relieved our stress and had fun at the sira night,” he said.

İbrahim Sarısu, one of the guesthouse operators, said that with the normalization, tourists started to come to the city. Explaining that they received intensive reservations before July 1, Sarısu said, “We have recently started to receive intensive reservations for July. We are happy with the high demands. We anticipate a more intense tourism activity as of September.”

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