THY will fly directly from Ankara to 8 new destinations abroad

THY will fly directly from Ankara to 8 new destinations abroad

AnadoluJet, the brand of Turkish Airlines (THY), will also organize flights to Amsterdam, Tehran, Kiev, Cologne, Munich, Masel, Geneva and Lyon in addition to its direct flights from Ankara to abroad.

A press conference on new direct international flights was hosted by Gürsel Baran, President of the Ankara Chamber of Commerce (ATO).

At the meeting held at ATO, THY Board of Directors and Executive Committee Chairman İlker Aycı said that it is their responsibility to connect Ankara to the whole world.

Stating that everyone has witnessed the great wounds caused by the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic in aviation and in the tourism and service sector, Aycı said, “Unlike all airports, the airport of our capital Ankara does not go back to the number of flights in 2019, “It will have a flight network with a capacity of 30 percent more than before the epidemic.”

Aycı stated that THY broke a separate record in Europe by signing more than 700 daily flights on April 22, increasing the difference between it and its closest follower Lufthansa more than twice.


Stating that they have increased the number of direct flights abroad with the works they have carried out with ATO in recent years, Aycı said:

“As of this summer, we will have 22 international lines and 56 weekly frequencies. We continue to spread our wings by taking our capital into the center. First, we spread our wings over Anatolia and now abroad. will connect tourists, everyone.

Direct flights will be made from the capital with AnadoluJet privileges, 8 different cities in Germany, 2 different cities in Austria, Denmark, Sweden, France, 2 different cities in England, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Netherlands, Iran, Ukraine and Switzerland. I would like to express 8 new foreign destinations among these cities. Amsterdam, Tehran, Kiev, Cologne, Munich, Basel, Geneva and Lyon will meet Ankara for the first time with direct flights this year. “

Aycı said that the new destinations will contribute to the service, education, health and defense industry areas of Ankara.

ATO Chairman Gursel Baran themselves from demanding that its flight destinations nearest voicing want to open when the Aycı, “These also are open debt our necks. Very recently with you here the onset of these flights I wish to announce this good news still to Ankara and our Turkey “used expressions.


Covidien-19 vaccines also addressed the issue of distributed worldwide Aycı, “I believe that recently the country’s national vaccines in Turkey with the introduction of the world will come at the beginning of this injustice and confront the immorality and counteract countries. It will also be an example for all the world to Turkey. Turkey’s We are impatient as the THY family to carry their national vaccinations to the oppressed both in the country and to the whole world. “


Noting that Turkish Cargo grew by 17 percent in a period when cargo transportation was decreasing in the world, Aycı said:
“We increased our market share from 4.7 percent to 5.2 in the first three months and rose to the 5th place in the world. While the companies in the world fly with 63.4 percent occupancy, we fly with 82.2 percent occupancy.

We have increased our capacity, planning, efficient use of resources and our transport share in the vaccine market and medical equipment market globally to 8 percent. We have become one of the world’s leading companies in the transportation of medical supplies, drugs and vaccines. “

Aycı also congratulated Turkish pilots on the occasion of April 26, World Pilots Day.


Gürsel Baran also stated that with the efforts of ATO, THY’s direct flights abroad from Esenboğa Airport increased to 18 international lines and 46 frequencies in 2019:

“We are experiencing difficulties during the pandemic process, THY was one of the airlines that survived this process with the least damage. It came to the fore in cargo service.

The medical sector in Ankara has benefited a lot. Life continues even though it is epidemic. We wanted to revive our flights, THY did not remain silent to this request. AnadoluJet, one of the most important brands of THY, connects Ankara to all parts of our country. We are striving to make AnadoluJet a hub for international flights. I would like to thank everyone who made a great effort for the flights announced today. “

Baran pointed out that direct flights are important in order to increase Ankara’s exports, contracting service revenues, improve health and congress tourism, and direct flights to Almaty, Ashgabat, Bishkek, Tashkent, Cairo, Amman, Beirut and Erbil, which will provide added value in this respect. asked to be put.

Following the speeches at the meeting, which was also attended by AnadoluJet President Said Şamil Karakaş, Baran presented various gifts to Aycı.

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