This year, the target is domestic tourists in the Eastern Black Sea Region

A combination of green and blue, attracting attention with its unique cultural values East BlackseaIt is one of the most important tourism centers in terms of its unique scenery and ease of transportation.

The natural beauty of Trabzon, Rize, Artvin and its districts, which are among the short vacation routes for those who want to get away from the crowd and the intensity of daily life due to the Covid-19 epidemic, offer different alternatives to local and foreign visitors in every season.

Tourism professionals in the region, which had been quiet last year due to the epidemic, do not expect tourists from the Middle Eastern countries this year. Tourism professionals who want to compensate for the loss they will experience in this area with local tourists make their plans accordingly.


Turkey Travel Agencies Association (TÜRSAB) Eastern Black Sea Region Vice President of Regional Representative Council Ragip Pirselimoğlu, AA correspondent, epidemic so that a great expectation from the Middle East and Arab markets, he said this issue them from planning also available.

Explaining that they think the tourism season will be troublesome for foreign visitors for the region, Pirselimoğlu said, “Instead, our expectations are in a different direction, in the domestic market, in the domestic market. Our citizens who have been at home for a year, who have spent the weekend at home and cannot go out in the evenings, now need to go on vacation in summer. According to the researches, the information we have received, they mostly plan trips in the form of family groups, workplace groups, small, mini groups. These are small groups of 12-14 people. “

Stating that small groups are advantageous for the region, Pirselimoğlu said, “Because the mountains, plateaus, valleys and lakes of our region can be reached easily by minibus-type small vehicles. We will introduce them, we will market them. “We are trying to stand by with single loans and short-time work allowance.”


Stating that the plans in the region are made for local tourists, Pirselimoğlu continued as follows:

“There are many plateaus that can be visited and can be seen. We, as travel agencies in the region, take all of them into our plans, we are planning to compensate for our losses from the foreign market and the Middle East market this year. Programs have been prepared and announced. Regional travel agencies were able to prepare for the season much faster by participating in these fairs, but now they are preparing, promoting, receiving requests and registrations with their own efforts, through their websites. There is demand now, but not yet at the level we expected. Therefore, we feel an uneasiness. I hope the demands will increase as these reds turn to blue in the coming days.

Pirselimoğlu, underlining that there are 83% losses in the foreign market and around 70% in the domestic market in the 2020 season due to the epidemic, said, “The foreign market is all visitors from the Middle East. going from. as well as both the number of people in the tourism actually Turkey’s 2019 year was a record in turnover. it was also in Trabzon. we lost these figures so unfortunately pandemic in 2020. in 2021, we can say we write this we are expecting a recovery but 2019 catch figures It will not be credible, “he said.

Pirselimoğlu also added that everyone should make an effort for good days to come as soon as possible by obeying the mask, distance and cleaning rules.

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