This man does not stop! Toured Turkey 7 times

This man does not stop!  Toured Turkey 7 times

In Gaziantep, Omar Töremen (42), ‘black grasshoppers with that name 79 thousand kilometers of bicycle pedals turning toured Turkey 7 times. Töremen, who has been cycling uninterruptedly mountain and slope for four years and staying in nature, said that his goal is to go on a world tour by bicycle.

Ömer Töremen decided to ride his bike after having family problems 4 years ago. Bicycle paths with falling and staying Töremen in nature by camping, so far defying the harsh climatic conditions toured Turkey 7 times.
Bicycle with Turkey’s 81 circulates provinces 7 times and man of honor said that so far 79 thousand kilometers long way out, “I’m 4 years cycling tours. I traveled this bike tours’m with Turkey 7 times. In four years, 79 thousand kilometers of roads I traveled by bicycle pedalla by” he spoke.
Biking the city tour which begins with self passion to return that tells Töremen, “Turkey’s visiting 81 provinces with the foster land in Cyprus 6 provinces bike, I visited 87 provinces. I start this bike tour then it turned into a passion.
I perform my bicycle tours in natural environments in nature. I also do my nutrition naturally. I feed on raspberry, rosehip, blackberry, apple, pear style forest products that I find in nature. I have been traveling for four years because I am fed by nature, and my daily expenses do not exceed 1-2 lira. By the way, I do not lower my life standards. I try myself in nature. I eat naturally. “I have a financial existence, but I chose this life,” he said.
Töremen stated that he had traveled 79 thousand kilometers with the same bike and that he wanted to be given a new and equipped bike, but he did not accept this and that he would continue his tours with his bike, which he called ‘black grasshopper’.
Töremen said, “I have been traveling with my bike for 79 thousand kilometers. I do my tours with impossibilities. There were people who wanted to give me zero bike, but I did not accept it. My bike is my companion. It carries me on its back for tens of thousands of kilometers. My bike is old and a bicycle that can be used in the city. Off-road bike. “I also named my bike. It’s my black grasshopper.”
Noting that he continued his tours without interruption during the pandemic period, Töremen said that he faced many difficulties because he stayed in nature. Stating that he encountered wild animals from time to time, Töremen explained the difficulties he faced as follows:
“As I stay in nature, I face some difficulties. When I woke up at night, I saw that I had pigs with me, I also saw that there were foxes and rabbits. We also sat together and ate my food. I continued my tours during the pandemic period. I had to continue my tours. Therefore, I continued my tours mostly from village roads, pathways and forests. I think to continue the tours as long as my health allows. It makes me very comfortable psychologically. I have a lot more to discover in nature. There are people who are scared, hesitant about me and even complain about me to the police and gendarmerie “
Töremen noted that his next goal is to go on a world tour with his bike, and that he has started the necessary work for this.
Father Khalid Töremen (77) if he wanted to put an end to this tour he believed to be dangerous, the son said, “I chose this life with a question where my son lives. Negative life, but we do not find the cure. Traveling by bike step by step through Turkey. I do not take it as a father. He’s my “Cigerparem. He does not stay in a hotel or a hostel, either in winter conditions or in summer heat. He lives outside in completely natural conditions. He visits his father’s house two or three times a year. I want him not to go,” he said.

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