Thespian couple, caravans tour in Turkey: 6 months toured 40 cities

Burçak Yakut stated that they decided to turn the minibus they bought for 46 thousand TL into a caravan before the pandemic, “We would turn into a caravan in 9 months. We have been on the road for 6 months. We actually wanted to change our understanding of vacation. Pandemic was the salt and pepper of it. When we say what to do, what to do, “should we build a caravan?” Actually, we wanted a settled home life. It is like such a vineyard house. When we said, “Can we do it or not?” we said, “Let’s make the best caravan” and set off. “We are very rich, we have a house everywhere we go. There are actually even in the world. If the borders are opened, we have plans abroad,” he said.

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