The ‘Yukari Biligan Caves’ made by carving the rocks in Ağrı are waiting for its visitors

The caves, built by carving the rocks on the southern slope of the mountain just behind the village, and containing a tandoor and living spaces, are known to few people in the region.

The caves, which were used by the villagers as a shelter for their animals in the past until 1992, are similar to the ancient city of Meya in Günbuldu village, which has hosted many civilizations in terms of shelter, security and defense in the past, and has recently been fascinated with fairy chimneys formed by the erosion of the rocks.

Diyadin District Governor and Deputy Mayor Alper Balcı visited the caves, which have many entrances and look like fairy chimneys, waiting to be discovered, and received information from the villagers.

After the visit, District Governor Balcı said that the inside of the caves is quite large and there is ease of transportation.

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