The world’s largest full panoramic museum hosted 1 million visitors (Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum)

Stating that the museum is one of the places visited by everyone who comes to Bursa, Mayor Mustafa Dündar said, “With more than 10 thousand living figures, we are animating the state of the city on April 6, 1326 with 3D photographs. The panorama part depicts the plain, trees and flowers of Bursa on April 6, 1326. There are 3-dimensional paintings of 2,500 square meters here. When we look at it, we can see in depth. Again, there are over 10 thousand living figures. It is possible to see the figures with different events every time you come. “We see the accommodation system of the State of the State here. Of course, 40 percent of the Byzantines also stayed here at that time. They did not leave the city. All over the world, such panoramas depict war, this place depicts peace. We notice this from the pictures here.

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