The wild beauty of the Taurus Mountains ‘Yılkı horses’

The wild beauty of the Taurus Mountains 'Yılkı horses'

In the Kaş district of Antalya, when the mobility of people decreased during the pandemic process, the yearly horses started to be more visible in the nature. The jade horses wandering in the cedar forests in the high parts of the Taurus have created visual beauty.

During the pandemic process, the inability of the nomads to go to the plateaus due to the complete closure, the fact that there was almost no human activity in the forests and plateaus made the wild animals living in nature more visible. One of these species was jade horses that survive in the cedar forests in the Taurus. ‘YILKI HORSES’ BACKGROUND TO THE OTTOMAN CAVIER UNION
Three of the Yılkı horses were seen in the flat land between cedar forests at the 1100 altitude Dalaklı locality within the borders of Gürsu Mahallesi of Kaş.
The jade horses ran through the meadows for a while and then went towards the cedar forests on the hillside. The horses, running through the forest at short intervals, waited for a while at the top of the slope. Later the horses disappeared among the cedar forests.
Erhan Yücesan, who saw the Yılkı horses, said, “I saw the 3-year-old horse at the top of the Taurus Mountains. This was a great happiness for me.”

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