The trained ‘hygiene teams’ of the hotels do not compromise on measures for a safe holiday

The trained 'hygiene teams' of the hotels do not compromise on measures for a safe holiday

Tourism employees, who are one of the most important elements of tourism, who strictly implement the measures taken against the Corona virus (Covid-19), and are called “hygiene team”, make a significant contribution to the guests to have a healthy and enjoyable holiday.

The number of businesses that are included in the Safe Tourism Certificate Program, which is applied at all levels of the tourism industry, from airports to hotels, is increasing day by day. More than 10 thousand businesses that have been awarded a certificate so far fully fulfill the 152 criteria in the program.
Employees of the certified enterprise are also included in priority vaccination, thereby minimizing risks. In Antalya, which has 899 accommodation facilities, 407 of which are 5-star hotels and holiday villages certified by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, the hotel employees, who are described as “hygiene teams”, take precautions against the epidemic in all areas from security to lobby, from rooms to restaurants, from playgrounds to the coastline. implements without compromise.
This is how the devoted work of the hotel staff was displayed. HES codes of the guests welcomed at the entrance of the hotel are questioned, it is checked whether they wear a mask, and those who do not are given a mask. The staff who take the luggage of the guests, carry them to their rooms after performing the necessary disinfection procedures.
Personnel in contact with the guests, on the other hand, serve with a visor as well as a mask. In the kitchen, the food requested by the guests in the safe zone is prepared and served by the staff.
Ülkay Atmaca, President of the Professional Hotel Managers Association (POYD), said that epidemic measures were implemented in the best way at all levels of tourism. Stating that tourism employees, who are among the indispensable elements of tourism, are also aware of the epidemic and have been trained in certain periods from the beginning of the epidemic, Atmaca said, “One of the pillars of tourism is our qualified and qualified personnel. They carry out their work in a selfless and meticulous manner during the epidemic process, “he said. Emphasizing that masks, distance and hygiene rules are applied in the best way in the hotels, Atmaca stated that the vaccination works of tourism employees continue smoothly.
Gürsel Kaya, sales and marketing manager of the hotel, where world-famous names are also hosted at the Belek Tourism Center, said that different criteria have started to be applied in terms of hygiene after the epidemic. Explaining that the personnel are subjected to a certain training in order to protect their health and the health of the guests, Kaya stated that the trainings continue in certain periods.
Stating that the employees wear their masks in all indoor and outdoor areas, Kaya stated that they take care of both personal and the hygiene of the area they are in. Stating that the rooms and lobbies are frequently disinfected by the staff, Kaya said, “We have focused more on online service to reduce the contact, we have renewed our hotel technologically. Our guests open their doors without the need for room cards. They can use it with, and again, they can transmit their requests to us through digital media, “he said.
Taha Tulga, who works in the entertainment department of the hotel, said that the 14 rules stated within the scope of the epidemic were followed without compromise in their activities with guests. Stressing that the materials and areas to be used by the guests are also disinfected after each use, Tulga said, “We strictly follow all the rules so that both ourselves and our guests can have a safe holiday.
Jenia Tronko, who works in the sports activities department of the hotel, noted that they especially attach great importance to social distance.

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