The temperature in Marmaris saw 41 degrees: The streets are empty, the beaches are full

Temperature reached 41 degrees in Marmaris: Streets emptied, beaches filled

In Muğla’s Marmaris district, while the air temperatures were above the seasonal norms by seeing 41 degrees, silence prevailed in the streets and streets, the beaches were filled and colorful images were formed.

With the air temperatures increasing gradually in the last two days in Marmaris district center, the thermometers showed 41 degrees today at noon, and the sea water temperature reached 18 degrees.
While the streets were emptied due to the sweltering effect of the humid air temperature, the beaches were filled.
The 11-kilometer blue flag beaches from Atatürk Street in the district center to İçmeler Quarter were filled with tourists, holidaymakers and Marmaris residents. Children were among those who tried to cool off by swimming in the sea and doing water sports. BLUE FLAG BEACHES OF TURKEY (Full List by Province)
The wholesaler Ahmet Sevinç (41), who came on vacation from Konya, said, “I came with my friend for the first time. It is very hot and all over me is burned. I enjoy the sea and the beautiful view.” Jeweler Özcan Nurcan (35) said, “It was hot in these months, but this time it suddenly subsided. There is a strangely oppressive and challenging atmosphere.” Housewife Mehtap Kozkun (43) said, “The hot weather is too much. We are under an umbrella by the sea to avoid being affected. Although we are protected, there is an overwhelming air.”
Muğla Provincial Health Director İskender Gençer, “Weather temperatures are increasing. Especially at noon when the sun is effective, they should not stay in open areas for a long time. Unless there is an emergency, people with chronic diseases should not be exposed to the sun between 11.00-16.30. Those who go out should wear colorful clothes and wear a hat. “Consumption of water between 1.5 and 2 liters a day meets the body’s needs. To reduce body temperature, cold water should be kept on the hands, face and feet,” he said.
Officials of the Marmaris Meteorology Directorate said, “Air temperatures increased by 4-5 degrees. With the effect of humidity, sweltering temperatures are at our door. With high humidity, temperatures above 40 degrees will prevail.”

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