The temperature in Antalya is 29 degrees! People flocked to the beaches

The temperature in Antalya is 29 degrees!  People flocked to the beaches

Vacationers who took advantage of the hot and sunny weather in Alanya district of Antalya took their breath on the beaches.

Domestic and foreign holidaymakers, who take advantage of the sun in the Alanya district of Antalya, took their breath in the world-famous Damlataş, Cleopatra and Keykubat beaches of the district.
In the district where the air temperature is 29, the sea water temperature is 24 and the humidity is 63 percent, holidaymakers enjoyed the sea.
Some tourists were sunbathing on the sands, while others listened to music and read books. Couples walking on the beach, tourists sunbathing on the sea beds and small children playing on the beach created colorful images. Some holidaymakers took the cable car and had the opportunity to watch the natural beauties of Alanya from a bird’s eye view.
Jelena Zlojutro, who said that she came to Alanya from Serbia on holiday, stated that the town is very beautiful. Zlojutro said, “We like Alanya very much. We come to Alanya on holiday about once every three months. Turkish people are very friendly and very hospitable. We will always keep coming here. I would recommend everyone to come here as well,” he said.
Meteorology officials reported that the effect of hot weather in the district will continue in the coming days.

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