The target in tourism is 34 million tourists with a 100 percent increase

Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan, Safe Tourism Certification Program Stating that thanks to this, it has reached a more advantageous position compared to Southern European countries, “We expect to host a total of 34 million foreign visitors in our country in 2021, with an increase of 100 percent compared to the previous year.”

Alpaslan evaluated the latest developments in the Turkish tourism industry and the Russian market within the scope of his contacts in Moscow.

2019 in terms of tourism in Turkey “extraordinary” now pointing Alpaslan, “our 2023 targets were walking with confident steps. “We hosted 52 million tourists by breaking a record and we achieved nearly $ 35 billion in tourism income.”

Stating that they entered the last year with high expectations, Alpaslan said, “We were aiming for a tourism income of approximately 40 billion dollars. Market indicators and reservations showed us that this could easily result. Unfortunately, tourism was one of the sectors most affected by the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic that swept the whole world, and in this context, we had to fall behind our current goals in terms of tourism.

Safe Tourism Certification Program due to Turkey’s 2020 stressed that spent less losses compared to competing countries Alpaslan, “Nevertheless, he close with a loss of 65 percent in the tourism sector last year,” he commented.


Pointing out that the epidemic effects continue in 2021, Alpaslan stated that they further developed the Safe Tourism Certification Program.

of tourists coming Turkey, in terms of health Alpaslan stating that all necessary measures so that they can make a safe holiday, “all foreign visitors, including our Russian visitors particularly well in this context, we have taken all our measures to be entertained in a safe and comfortable way. With the opening of the tourism season in April, we expect the dynamism in tourism to start and to host our guests ”.

Underlining that they expect a significant increase in tourism compared to 2020, Alpaslan said, “Although we cannot reach the 2019 figures, we expect to host a total of 34 million foreign visitors in 2021, with an increase of 100 percent compared to the previous year. We had a tourism income of around 12.5 billion dollars last year and we expect it to rise to the 23 billion dollar band this year, ”he said.

Stating that they approach the markets of Germany, Ukraine, Poland, England and the Netherlands with high expectations, especially Russia, Alpaslan said, “The Turkish tourism industry is in a more advantageous position compared to the Southern European countries thanks to the Safe Tourism Certification Program. “We started the program in June last year, and we ensure that foreign visitors coming to our country have a holiday in environments where there is the least risk in terms of health, and even the risk is zero, until they return.”


Alpaslan, pointing out that they walked a powerful presentation with the advantage of Turkey said, “In our country the foreign tourism authorities are showing hosts the measures we take over. by the authorities in the target market introduction of this strongly, we tell them that there’s a safe tourism in Turkey, “he said.

until April 15, is the necessity of taking the test each reminiscent of foreigners coming to Turkey Alpaslan, the finished by saying:

“After April 15, in countries where the vaccination program has reached a certain level and the number of cases has decreased, we will consider removing the requirement to test by looking at the situation of the countries. We expect 2021 to be better, better and more productive for Turkish tourism. We expect all foreigners and all world citizens to make a safe and comfortable quality holiday to our country.


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