The second in the world and the largest in one piece in Turkey: Sakarya Acarlar Longozu

Stating that people should be made aware of longoz, visitors who go to the region should protect this area by acting as if it is a sensitive and fragile museum, Assoc. Dr. Mahnaz Gümrükçüoğlu Yiğit said, “It would not be right to say that Acarlar Longozu is in renovation. Within the framework of this plan, there are many activities related to ecotourism, there are regulations. In this; There are many things from raising people’s awareness about it to making arrangements. Many rules have been introduced, they are being tried to be implemented. Especially the areas that are opened to tourism or planned to be opened already constitute a small part of the longoz.

It is important to consider the remaining natural ecosystems and to protect the areas that should not be opened. It is necessary to raise awareness of people on this issue, and the people who will continue their tourism activities there and the people who will come there as tourists should be very conscious. “It is a very sensitive point and the habitat must be protected well by acting as if it is in such a fragile area, namely a museum, knowing that they are in the ecosystem.”

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