‘The population of Ayvalık will increase 9 times during the holiday’

'The population of Ayvalık will increase 9 times during the holiday'

A significant density is expected in touristic areas during Eid al-Adha. Ayvalık, one of the famous holiday regions of the North Aegean, is one of them. Saying that the facilities are almost completely full, Mayor Mesut Ergin said that they expect the population of the district to increase 8-9 times with the feast.

Tourism facilities in Ayvalık district of Balikesir, the favorite holiday region of the North Aegean, are preparing to welcome the Eid al-Adha holiday with full occupancy. HOW MANY DAYS IS THE HOLIDAY OF SACRIFICE? 10 MILLION PEOPLE WILL TRAVEL IN BAYRAM
Ayvalık, with its natural beauties, attracts great attention in the normalization process that started on July 1st.
Famous for its Devil’s Table, bays, beaches and historical stone houses, the district will host its visitors with Covid-19 measures during the holiday.
Ayvalık Mayor Mesut Ergin said that they started preparations for the summer season as of the winter season.
Noting that they have completed all the preparations for the tourism season within the scope of the precautions they have taken after the pre-season consultations with the official institutions in the district under the leadership of the Ayvalık District Governorate, President Ergin said, “In the season that continues with the Covid-19 measures, the population of our district will increase 8-9 times with the Eid al-Adha. “Occupancy rates in our hotels have already reached 100 percent. I believe we will have a good season. It looks like that anyway,” he said.
Pointing out that 17 of the 36 blue flag beaches in Balıkesir are in Ayvalık and Ayvalık, located on the Aegean Sea coast, is not affected by mucilage, Ergin said that they are waiting for their guests with its clean sea and beaches.
Ergin, who is also a tourism professional, said, “I hope we will have a good season on the occasion of Eid al-Adha and then the tourism season in general. We are ready for the season as the municipality. We had a very bad economic period during the pandemic period. “We believe we will wrap up. We will have a good season,” he said.

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