The panel van that he turned into a trailer became his ‘home’

Expressing that he became free by choosing to invest the money he would spend in the dormitory or home, Avşar said:

“There are no four walls here. My vehicle may be small, but everywhere is mine. For example, when I’m bored, I go out and I can go anywhere, but at home, it’s not like that. No day of my life is the same as yesterday and I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. If I were a student living in a dormitory I would go to class in the morning and maybe sit in the same cafe with my friends every evening. Even if you change the cafe, everything else would still be the same. My life here is not like that. If I don’t want to sleep here one night, I’ll pull out my trailer and sleep somewhere else. For example, I have a plan for Antalya next week. I’m free”

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