The pandemic has also changed our vacation habits: Half of the citizens do not plan a vacation

Antalya City Council Tourism Working Group President Recep Yavuz said that in tourism, which started again after the pandemic, very radical changes were seen in three issues.

Providing information about these changes, Yavuz explained that these three main changes in the pandemic conditions seem to mark the coming years.

Stating that the first of these changes is the time and timing of the holiday, Yavuz said, “The prominent ones here are the summer months and autumn are preferred, and the spring and winter months are less preferred, and it comes to the fore in the surveys conducted both in our country and abroad. Since people are still walking around with the fear of corona in their minds, they set off because this worry is less in the summer.

The second is the style of the holiday. What kind of holiday, what kind of place issues come to the fore. Here, too, the subject they prefer is actually about the pandemic. Quieter places, sun-filled and spacious places. Places that fulfill hygiene conditions come to the fore. Here too, when the questions are deepened, it is seen that hotels and holiday villages are reliable, and then personal campings and small-capacity accommodation come to the fore.”

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