The number of tourists coming to Antalya has exceeded 1.5 million

It is described as the “capital of tourism” in terms of the number of tourists it hosts. AntalyaIt hosts tourists from different countries of the world with its historical and natural beauties as well as its sea, sand, sun, cultural structures, ancient cities and luxury accommodation facilities.

In Antalya, which hosts millions of tourists every year, under the coordination of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, it was launched during the corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic process.Safe Tourism Certification Program” within the scope of healthy and safe holiday opportunities are offered.

In the facilities where strict measures are taken within the scope of epidemic measures, guests from different countries enjoy a healthy and safe holiday.

According to the data of the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, despite the epidemic in the January-June period and the restrictions of some flight countries, 1 million 551 thousand 633 tourists visited.

Russia was the country with the highest number of tourists with 439 thousand 209 tourists. Russia was followed by Ukraine with 429 thousand 366 guests, Germany with 145 thousand 444 people, and Poland with 90 thousand 739 tourists.


Ferit Turgut, Chairman of the Mediterranean Region Representative Board of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, said that Antalya hosts tourists from all nationalities.

Stating that tourists are offered safe vacation opportunities, Turgut said, “It is important that 1.5 million tourists have come to the city so far. This is an incomparably better figure than last year. We think these numbers will be much better.”

Referring to the fact that most tourists come to the city from Russia, Turgut said that according to reservations, the number of tourists coming in July and August is predicted to be better.

Emphasizing that 250 planes arrived in the city on July 6, Turgut said, “650 planes arrived in the city from the international area on the weekend, that is, on July 3-4. Of the planes that arrived yesterday, 80 were from Russia, 40 were from Ukraine and 50 were from Germany. from,” he said.


Antalya City Council Tourism Working Group President Recep Yavuz noted that with the Russians’ holiday in Turkey, Antalya is trying to return to its old days.

Reminding that a total of 60 thousand tourists came to Antalya on June 26, 18 thousand of which were from Russia, Yavuz said, “I believe we will spend the next three months very well. We expect the numbers to continue to increase.”

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