The new route for nature lovers in Aydın: King’s Pool

The new route for nature lovers in Aydın: King's Pool

Located in Deliçay in Aydın’s Bozdoğan district, the ‘King Pool’ attracts the attention of nature lovers.

Located within the boundaries of Körteke District, 45 kilometers from Bozdoğan district center, the ‘King Pool’ impresses those who see it with its natural beauty.
Visitors who reach the neighborhood by vehicle reach Deliçay, which includes large and small waterfalls and many natural pools, by walking through the narrow and pathways of about 1 kilometer between the mountains.
In the ‘King’s Pool’ among the pine trees, which are the most beautiful of the natural pools, visitors take lots of photos and share them on their social media accounts.
Muzaffer Çetinkaya (30), a nature photographer, said, “I came to the King’s Pool in Körteke District several times. Our elders called it the King’s Pool. It is also called Deliçay by the local people. There is Körteke Castle 100 meters away. The Castle and the King’s Pool are connected to each other. We are waiting for all nature lovers here, “he said.
Advertising designer Aziz Özden (25), one of the visitors, said, “This place looks like the famous king’s pool in Antalya. I am coming here for the second time and I am very happy to come here. I expect all the people of Aydın and nature lovers in the region to come here. I hope this place is like the king pool in Antalya. It is gained and becomes a famous place, “he said. ANTALYA, NOT EXOTIC COUNTRY

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