The new route for campers: Nemrut, the world’s second largest crater lake

The new route for campers: Nemrut, the world's second largest crater lake

Located in the Tatvan district of Bitlis, Nemrut, the world’s second and Turkey’s largest crater lake, has become the new route for campers during the partial normalization process.

Nemrut, the world’s second and Turkey’s largest crater lake in the Tatvan district of Bitlis, has become a re-visit point for local and foreign nature lovers with the transition to partial normalization in the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) restrictions.
The 2,250-altitude lake, which received the “Award of Excellence” within the scope of the European Distinguished Destinations Project (EDEN), started to host nature and photography enthusiasts with its breathtaking view after the restrictions were lifted.
The group of about 50 people, who came to the city from all over the country, enjoyed spending time in touch with nature in Nemrut, which attracts attention with its hot and cold lakes and ice cave as well as its natural beauties.
Nature lovers camped in tents set up against the lake view, lit a fire by the lake and tried to photograph the stars that illuminate the night.
Doğasever Deniz Balaman said that they decided to come to Nemrut Crater Lake with the start of the gradual normalization process.
Stating that they started camping with the start of the normalization process and the warming of the weather during the intense and stressful epidemic process, Balaman said: “There is a wonderful nature here. We want everyone to come and see this place. In 2020-2021, we were constantly spending time at home due to the corona virus measures. In that process. We couldn’t be alone with nature. With the start of normalization, we threw ourselves into nature. Everything is beautiful here. A unique nature, fresh air and magnificent scenery are together. We are enjoying it. It felt very good after the difficult process. We got rid of the stress of the year here. It was a nice camp. We will do it again. We ask visitors to the region to keep the environment clean.”
Firdevs Karayel, on the other hand, explained that he camped in the region for the first time and that they relieved the stress caused by the corona virus by spending time with nature.
Pointing out that the lake is one of the rarest places in the country, Karayel stated that they camped with their friends and they had a great time.
Transportation to Nemrut Crater Lake, which is 45 kilometers from the city, is provided by private vehicles and vehicles provided by tour operators.
After an hour-long journey through the forested area, the visitors who reach the region can camp by setting up their tents against the unique view of the lake, which integrates with all the shades of green.
Visitors who come to the region with their caravans can also stay in the areas created for them.
Here are pictures from Turkey’s largest crater lake Nemrut…

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