The new favorite of tourism ‘Horse Safari’

The new favorite of tourism, 'Equestrian Safari'

With the increasing interest in nature during the pandemic process, Balıkesir is preferred by many holidaymakers with its thermal resources and natural beauties. In the town of Sındırgı, which has equestrian javelin sports clubs, the new trend is equestrian safari.

The new trend was horse riding safari in Sındırgı district of Balıkesir. Citizens living in the district and visitors from outside get away from the stress of the day among the natural beauties with horses.
With the increase in demand for equestrian and javelin trainings, which started with the first equestrian javelin sports club established about 10 years ago, and the interest of the citizens in the district, it was possible to establish new sports clubs. Young people join this club and find both horse riding lessons and horse safari in the magnificent view of the natural city.
Activities such as nature safari with horse, dam trekking, highland trekking on Asar Hill are carried out in this activity, which can be attended by everyone, big or small.
Citizens participating in horseback safaris find the opportunity to spend time and relieve stress in an environment surrounded by nature. Young people living in the town of Sındırgı get away from the stress of the city. The participants of the safaris spend time in an environment intertwined with nature while communicating with the horses.
Expressing that he loves horses very much, Hilal Albayrak said, “I am 17 years old. First of all, I love horses. Both our national animals and take part in many different games. And you can understand that there is a really different feeling on the horse. “It becomes even more fun. In this way, we continue to ride with our friends in different areas. Also, I recommend every Turkish youth to ride a horse.”
Guests coming to Sındırgı district also have the opportunity to see the beauties of the region by participating in horse-drawn safaris organized among the magnificent greenery. On the horse safari tour, there are good-natured horses that can communicate with people of all ages and control. You can have a safe and fun time with specially trained horses on guided tours. In this way, it has the opportunity to see the beauties of the region. Professional riding training is also provided to citizens who wish to do so.
Stating that horseback safari has been in high demand recently, Sındırgı Equestrian Cirit Sports Club President Mehmet Ali Erbek said, “I live in Balıkesir Sındırgı district. 10 years ago, we established a horse-related association and club. The foundation purpose of our association is to introduce people to horses. We are working on horseback riding lessons and training for our guests who want to get to know Sındırgı. “We continue our struggle for whatever we can help with the horse,” he said.

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