The new favorite of rock climbers: Kümbet Plateau

After the discovery made by the members of Giresun Nature Sports Club (GİDOSK) association Kümbet Plateau A suitable point for climbing was determined on Koçkayası ridges.

This point, which is an intermediate level, was determined by teams from Ordu Mountaineering Club and Samsun Explorer Mountaineering Club after the team’s work. rock climbing held the event.

In the event held with the participation of Giresun, Ordu and Samsun mountaineering clubs, it was stated that work will be started to create a rock climbing region in Giresun.

Giresun Outdoor Sports Club President Ahmet Kılıç stated that Kümbet Plateau Koçkayası location, which is one of the important tourism areas of Giresun, is a suitable region for rock climbing, and said, “Many domestic and foreign visitors come to the rock climbing routes, which are generally prepared in touristic regions of Turkey. Kümbet Plateau Koçkayası location is quite suitable for this job.

We would like to thank Ordu Mountaineering Club and Samsun Explorer Mountaineering Club, who came from Ordu and Samsun provinces and contributed to the creation of a rock climbing region in Kümbet Plateau. Our hope is to bring this place to tourism,” he said.

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