The most discount in early booking is to the domestic market

Standing out with its historical and touristic places as well as its sea, sand, sun, luxury facilities and villas Antalyabecame the address of a healthy and safe holiday with additional measures taken during the corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak.

Reservations continue for the new season in the city where 3 million 512 thousand 910 tourists from 175 countries, especially Russia, Ukraine, Germany, England and Poland, had a holiday last year.

Business owners have acquired by fulfilling the criteria set by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism “Safe Tourism CertificateIt offers healthy tourism services to its guests.


Ülkay Atmaca, the President of the Professional Hotel Managers Association (POYD), said in a statement that he had completed the preparations for the facilities for the new season and that Antalya will again be one of the most preferred destinations.

Stating that the reservations are continuing, Atmaca said, “According to the reservations made, the most demand is from Russia. There is a situation regarding a travel ban in Europe. There will be a movement from Europe in the coming days,” he said.

Stating that early bookings continue in all markets, Atmaca said:

“Very serious early booking campaigns for local tourists are continuing. There are discounts of up to 40% and 50%. You can cancel your reservation with peace of mind a few days before your vacation without losing any money. So make sure you book early. You can have the most economical holiday. I advise everyone to plan their vacation. Turkish tourism is no longer indexed to schools. The number of people taking vacation in the domestic market has increased.

Stating that many tourists, especially from European countries, called the facilities here and received information about Covid-19 measures, Atmaca said that these people were waiting for the travel ban to be lifted to take a vacation.


Deputy Chairman of the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association Kaan Kavaloğlu stated that the domestic market will not be left to last minute bookings.

Pointing to the importance of the domestic market in tourism, Kavaloğlu said, “We have started to receive serious reservations from the domestic market. We will not forget that we have overcome the 2020 epidemic process with our expatriates in the domestic market and abroad. Therefore, our priority will be our domestic market and expatriates during this period. “We are making serious discounts. Five years ago, we were only getting reservations for July and August from the domestic market. Now we are getting reservations for June, July, August, September and even October.”

Kavaloğlu stated that they promised the most discounted holiday to those who book the earliest.


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