The Minister explained: PCR testing may not be requested from British tourists after 15 April

Culture and Tourism Minister Mehmet Nuri Ersoy made statements about the upcoming tourism season in a live broadcast on BBC ONE TV.

Turkey indicating the person who wants to make entrance to negative PCR test requested by April 15, Ersoy, has announced that from April 15 will be re-evaluated after the Ministry of Health.

Ersoy said, “We will look at the number of cases after April 15. If there is a decrease in the number of cases, we will not demand negative PCR tests from people from those countries, as our practice last year,” he said.

Pointing out that the vaccination program in England is being carried out quickly and effectively and the number of cases continues to decrease, Ersoy stated that if this trend continues, there is a possibility that the test may not be requested from British citizens after April 15.

Ersoy, the start of the vaccination program in Turkey, more than 11 million people already had been made out and the target until the end of April, is to instill 50-60 million people said so, he said the country would fall in the general case.

Ministers Ersoy, in case of good progress and that the low number of cases of vaccination programs in countries of origin of the tourists coming to Turkey also noted that tourists would be safe.


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