The islands region in Dikili, declared as a ‘sensitive area to be protected’, draws attention with its natural beauties.

Hotel manager Metin Tanrıverdi in Dikili stated that the district needs new breakthroughs in tourism.

Emphasizing that it is extremely important to declare the region as a “sensitive area to be protected” in this sense, Tanrıverdi said:

“I find the decision taken for the protection of natural beauties to be correct. Dikili also needs new breakthroughs in tourism. Compared to Nice, France, for example, the natural nature of the two places is the same, but they are far ahead of us. For Dikili to show the same development in tourism. We need to turn our natural wealth into economic wealth. We need master plans for this. We can make our district a center of attraction in tourism with the joint efforts of the authorities and master plans. “

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